International Whitehead Conference Series

The International Whitehead Conference Series (IWC) is sponsored by the International Process Network (IPN). The conference has been held at locations around the globe since 1981. This is an important venture in global Whiteheadian thought, as key Whiteheadian scholars from a variety of disciplines and countries come together for the continued pursuit of critically engaging a process worldview.

Some participants at the 9th IWC in Krakow, Poland

Past conferences have been held in:

1st IWC: Bonn, GERMANY (1981)
2nd IWC: Nagoya, JAPAN (1984)
3rd IWC: Claremont, California, USA (1998)
4th IWC: Beijing, CHINA (2002)
5th IWC: Seoul, KOREA (2004)
6th IWC: Salzburg, AUSTRIA (2006)
7th IWC: Bangalore, INDIA (2009)
8th IWC: Tokyo, JAPAN (2011)
9th IWC: Krawkow, POLAND (2013)
10th IWC: Claremont, California, USA (2015)